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Vet Warns of Speargrass

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The Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital is warning pet owners after a dog came into the vet with strange symptoms.

On Facebook the vet hospital posted recently about Charlie, who's owners had been noticing excessive head shaking over the past few days.

An examination of the dog found speargrass inside its ear canal.

"Stay clear from speargrass infested paths and walkways," Rose Valley Veterinary said.

Speargrass is a type of wild grass with barbed seed heads. The speargrass carries sharp seeds and is found across the Okanagan. It can cling onto skin, fur and paws, causing great damage to animals.

"When speargrass penetrates the ear canal, the consequences can be severe. Because of the incredible grass migratory ability and inability to back out there is a risk that the awn will perforate the ear drum. This condition might lead to permanent complications in the ear," the Rose Valley vet said.

Charlie is now feeling fine and recovered from his ordeal.