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Dog thrown from car amid evacuation order now healing at West Kelowna veterinary hospital

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Dog sitting next to COSAR team members

As wildfires continue to rage through the province, stress is high — so high that crews with Central Okanagan Search and Rescue witnessed what many would consider an unthinkable act.

On Friday night, a dog was thrown from a vehicle while evacuation orders were being issued.

COSAR rescued the animal and nicknamed her ‘Smokey’.

The dog was then taken to the Rose Valley Veterinary Hospital, where Dr. Moshe Oz and his team are taking care of the dog.

“I always concentrate on the solution, not the problem. I stopped long ago to think why people do things, I don’t judge them,” said Dr. Oz.

While Smokey appears to be happy and energetic, there are some issues that need to be tended to.

“I just discovered that we have injuries to the teeth,” said Dr. Oz.

“I cannot really say 100 per cent that it’s related to the fire; she might be in distress and she might be very anxious [which would cause her] to chew so we have fractured teeth on both of her molars.

“So it’s a big surgery that we need to attend to it and we need to take the teeth out. Other than that she looks amazing.”

The team at the West Kelowna-based veterinary hospital says the approximately five-year-old German shepherd mix is a welcome temporary addition.

“She is amazing. She is really, really good,” said Dr. Oz.

“Still we need to deal with the teeth because we know we have a fracture and exposure but she doesn’t even tell she eats she drinks she’s happy she’s wagging her tail so she’s very, very brave.”

They have been getting non-stop inquiries of families wanting to adopt Smokey, but more time is needed for dental surgery and to make sure she adjusting well.

If you would like to apply to adopt Smokey, send an email to the team through their website at